The Virtual Library CDN


The Virtual Library CDN contains a backup copy of all books hosted on

The contents housed in are accessible through The Virtual Library PDF Viewer, a self-developed web viewer optimized for almost all devices and developed using the pdf.js library of Mozilla Firefox available on Github.

The Virtual Library PDF Viewer can be a useful tool in many cases as it provides tools not available on all devices. Searches can be made on documents (even in many image-based facsimiles) and sources are optimized for better readability. It also provides thumbnails for each page, access to the content index (when an index is available) and a button on the right side allows to download the book.

Connections are made on port 443 by default (SSL) but insecure connections on port 80 are allowed as well.



To access the contents hosted on a simple url scheme is used:


bookID parameter must be replaced by the ID of the book in The Virtual Library website.




This URL contains the book of Poetics of Aristotle:

The Book ID is available in the page (below the Title) and also at the end of the URL: (ID = 758)

The book in CDN can be accessed through this address:



More than one book under the same ID:

Many books in the library contain different volumes under the same ID. In these cases, the different volumes are labeled following a simple numerical order: 758, 758-2, 758-3, 758-4, etc.

Example: This URL contains the book of Poetics of Aristotle:

That URL contains two different copies of the same book. On the one hand there is a standard PDF version and on the other hand a PDF facsimile.

The first book in CDN can be accessed through this address:

The second book in CDN can be accessed through this address:

It will continue in the same way if there are more books to download from the same ID: -3, -4, -5, -6, ... etc.



About The Virtual Library PDF Viewer UI language:

The User Interface of the document viewer is available in a large number of languages: EN, ES, DE, IT, FR, RU, AR ... and many more.

Please keep in mind that the language of the viewer will be defined by the language set in your browser, not by the book you are viewing. If you are reading a book in English but the preferred language in your browser is Spanish then the book viewer will be displayed in Spanish.



You can access The Virtual Library Full Sitemap here:

Mirror available in CDN here:

In the sitemap each book contains the link to its URL in The Virtual Library. In those links you can check the ID of each book even if the site is offline.



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